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News & Updates 09/09/2014
Thank you for visiting our new website,
more products and updates coming soon, still updating, still improving
Special time table
30 Aug 2014 - 30 - Sep 2014
Warehouse will only open on Mon 10am - 6pm and thursday 10am-6pm
Dandenong Market open as usual times, tue,fri,sat 8am - 3pm
burwood shop will temporary closed till oct.
john is going overseas to purchase more new products and sell it at cheaper prices
sorry for an inconvienence
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** email is sales@iqtechnology.com.au, if it fails, please email linjohn@tpg.com.au or RING 0413 -039008 (business hours)
** any concerns/problems to order  & freight charges, please give us a call on 03-9706-6479 and we'll can do a phone order for you
MORE NEW Ipad Air 5th Generation and IPAD , SAMSUNG TAB / NOTE Covers IN STOCK !!  $10
Shock proof military cover in stock IPAD MINI  - $15
microsoft surface pro cover in stock - $10
samsung Note 2014 cover in stock $10
iphone 5 cable for ios 7 in stock - $4
Samsung note 3 and S5 fast cables in stock $10
NEW Fast good quality cables in stock for iphone 5, samsung, ipad from $3

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